Sick bugs, Sleep and hiding out…

Ruff Life
Ruff Life

Ruff Life

We have tackled the beginning of the school year. Battled the first sick bug go around. Now my body is defending against the fall weather change. It has been an eventful, yet uneventful few weeks in my household. I have been hiding out, or just sleeping pretty much. When I muster the energy, I try to get a few things done; which usually leads to crashing back to sleep land. It is an annoying, constant cycle.

I am trying to remember the good things in life, along the way. I catch myself while smiling or laughing at the little things and just kind of make note of it. It is nice to, once in a while, remember sometimes things just make you smile. Anyway….I should be off to attempt to go back to bed, after having crashed and slept most of the evening, but wanted to share one of the things that often makes me smile: My little dog Sully. He is a goofy little thing and just seeing him in his “comfortable” sleep mode today, gave me a nice smile and chuckle.



Changing from GMO to Non-GMO Natural Soy Animal Feed: Farmers See Big Difference

It affects people and animals alike! We need to get it out of our foods already!

Wake-up Call

“Pilegaarden” (Willow Farm)

Changing from GMO to Non-GMO Natural Soy, Experiences from Denmark

Institute of Science in Society   Sept 10, 2014

Healthier, more productive pigs, more profit, and much less birth deformities; an important lesson for all farmers not to use GMO feed or glyphosate on their land

By Borup Pederson  Based on invited lecture at the 1st Forum of Development and Environmental Safety,
25 – 26 July 2014, Beijing
My farm “Pilegaarden” (Willow Farm) is an average Danish farm in the small village of Hvidsten. Our pigs are raised accordingly to United Kingdom regulations for pig housing, and exported to the UK for consumption. Inside the pig farm is a straw-based system for the sows as well as a standard farrowing house.

I had read about the effects that GM feed has on rats in lab experiments (see [1] GM Soya Fed Rats: Stunted, Dead, or Sterile…

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Kitchen Makeover #RenuChallenge

DIY Kitchen Makeover

It is finally all done! I am in love with the completed kitchen makeover and awesome Leviton products! 

Go check out my diy kitchen makeover pictures! I can’t wait to see the winners of the Renu Challenge

Candy Pizza

I wanted to share my favorite poem, so far, from Charlotte Cuevas blog. I am looking forward to getting my hands on her upcoming book: Candy Pizza (love the title!)


Candy Pizza by Charlotte Cuevas

Candy Pizza by Charlotte Cuevas

Day 354 – You Were Dying.

You were dying when you found me-
how’d you even find me?
You were dying when I bought that leather jacket.

You knew you were searching,
you warned me yourself,
came shopping for me when I was shopping, too.

What could I have done to heal you?
Did you think I’d had that jacket my whole life?

I had barely clipped the price tag off
when you wandered in and took me for
somebody who could love you back to life.

By now I guess you figured how to resurrect yourself-
I don’t even have that jacket anymore-
but the closet, the closet remembers the stench
of the dying you brought with you.

Renu Challenge Upcoming Reveal

The Renu Challenge from Leviton

So excited! My kitchen project with the Renu Challenge Leviton products is almost complete. I am just finishing the little last minute details and getting everything in place. It has definitely been some work, but well worth it! The Leviton products just absolutely make the remodel! They really look nice and make the kitchen remodel all that more wonderful. I can’t wait to share the all the before and afters with everyone! Keep watching for the upcoming reveal!!!

Here is a little taste of the completed project and the awesome Leviton products!

Before/After #RenuChallenge

Before/After #RenuChallenge

Don’t forget you can save $$ by utilizing the code RENUHOME at the Leviton E-Store.